“I was waking up every morning around 4:00 am with really bad back pain. I would say, from 1-10 the pain level was about a 7.5. I started going to Dr. Merati, and after the first visit, I could tell a big difference in the pain level. after 4 visits the pain level was significantly better about a level 2.5, that was wonderful! The really nice part is that I am now able to sleep all night and I am not waking up with extreme pain. Dr. Merati really takes time to get to know people. He does not rush through his service. He also took the time to educate me on all the things that my spine affects. I was amazed how the back affects all your other organs and how everything is connected. I highly recommend Dr. Merati to everyone. I saw a different chiropractor 8 years ago for the same issue. It took 2 years to fix the problem and I stopped going because I was better. This time it took a lot less time to get better. Given how things have gone so far, I anticipate that I will be a life long patient of Dr. Merati. ”

-Debbie Mintz

“I have never had a positve expeirence with a doctor in my entire life. Dr. Merati and his staff have been nothing but kind and considerate of my needs. He always listens to my concerns and unlike most docotors offices, doesn’t force expensive treatments. Home Family Chiropractor is very affordable and offers treatments that I would not be able to afford otherwise. Due to his help I amno longer trying to dull the pain I have had for over half of my life with quick temporary fixes.”

– Savannah M.

“Dr. Merati has successfully helped me with all my aches and pains. I was to the point that other medical doctors wanted to use epidurals to kill or numb the pain. I felt like just numbing the pain would end up making me damage myself more. After the very first visit, the terrible stabbing pain in my back was 90% gone. My injuries are now more tolerable allowing me to spend more quality time with my family.”

-Blake L.

“My name is Carrie, a good friend of mine had seen Dr.K.Anthony Merati in his Homer office and recommended him to me for my neck and back problems. I have been having chronic pain in these areas of my body for the past two years. I had been to the orthopedic doctors for help all they gave me was medicine that helped in the beginning, but soon stopped, the next optiion they gave was to have surgery on my neck and back replacing the disc with metal disks and screws. I just did not feel that is something I wanted to do and thank God I didn’t. I have been seeing Dr.Merati for the past couple of weeks and I have felt much less pain in these areas with the treatment he has started on my neck and back without any pain medicine. What a wonderful gift of helping to heal people’s pain the Lord has given Dr. Merati. He is such a blessing to me and has helped my body start healing from pain thru his treatments. God is the ultimate healer, but he gives his people the knowledge to help with his healing. Thank You Lord for blessing the doctor with this gift and for sending me to him thru my friend. God Bless you Dr. Merati.”

-Carrie H.

“I am so glad to ahve a chiropractor that genuinely cares about my well-being. He was very thorough with each treatment and explained things along the way. I felt like I was in good hands and will recommend Dr. Merati to friends and family.”

– Julie H.

“Dr. Merati and his staff are wonderful. The office is very well managed and I’ve always been more than please at each and every visit. Compared to my previous few chiropractic experience THIS IS MY FAVORITE! He is very patient and strives for positive results before you leave his office, and still gives the follow up call afterwards.

-Kimberly A.

I had a few injuries playing recreational sports. My left hip, lower back, and neck were in severe pain. I looked for help through many different doctors, sadly nothing seemed to work. I had many X-rays done by different doctors, and inspected by many physicians, specialist, orthopedic, physical therapist….Yet nothing seemed to work at all, in fact it made my problems worst. I had this problem for 6 years now, unable to live a normal live. About 3 weeks ago I made a life changing appointment with Dr K. Anthony Merati and Dr Marta Maria Trujillo. Who were able to pin-point my problems and find a solutions with in the very first visit. I have been going there for about 3 weeks now and I feel better than I have felt in 6 years!!! I recommend this for anyone who is physically hurt and is not finding proper care in other medical facilities. Dr K. Anthony Merati and Dr Marta Maria Trujillo have the Best treatment for physical injuries.

Thank you so much Melcom A.

Being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy at 74 my G.P. said there was nothing he Could do to help me! Not giving up I called Doctor Merati, He started treating Me, now I am well, my face is normal, also physically I feel much stronger. I plan to continue monthly treatments

-Ann O.

” This was my first time ever going to a chiropractor. Upon arrival, it took my dad and Dr Merati himself to get me out of my truck. After an hour and a half of him working with me one on one, I walked out on my own (still in pain, but much better). After 4 visits, I can stand straight up again. After speaking with Dr Merati to set up my first appointment, I could tell he was a different kind of doctor. These 4 visits have just confirmed this to me… not only is he my doctor, but he has become a quick friend. It is a relief to see a doctor love what he does, not for the money, but for helping people. I would, and will recommend him to anyone!”

-Rickey M.

“I love this Chiropractor! I went in really stiff because of a bad back and neck and had pain in my lower back. Well, I did the full office visit once and then went back and did spinal decompression and I’m feeling great! Can’t wait to get back in for another full visit! The prices are very affordable and that’s coming from a single mother of three and working and going to college! He is very professional and great to his staff and his clients! There is a discount program that is also available just ask his staff or him about it! The girls at the desk are very friendly and make you feel welcome. Oh yeah, great coffee too!”

– Brittney C. -+

“I have been going to Homer Family Chiropractor to use the Medical Infrared Sauna. It has numerous health benifits and I have seen improvement in just a few visits. Dr. Merati is genuine in wanting to help you feel better!”

-Teresa B.

“I have been to many different chiropractors over the years with y lower back pain. The visits never took me more than 15 minutes. In and out, see you again next week. Dr. Merati is so different.

My visits last more than a hour. He takes his time, really understanding where the problem areas are and how to treat them. Unlike other chiropractors, when Dr. Merati sees me walk in. I don’t feel like a money sign hanging over my head.Theres is no pressure to automatically book 10 more daily appointments.

He genuinley cares about my well being and the pain I’m feeling. And his treatments are WONDERFUL!! It’s almost like a day at the spa. Different rooms with differtn tables and treatment methods tailored to your pain problems.

If all these words about my in office expirience about Dr. Merati aren’t convincing enough for you, just know that I drove from Habersham to Duluth (2 hour trip, over 100 miles) just to see him at his Duluth office. He’s an honest man and a great chiropractor!”

-Heather D.