Spinal Decompression For Herniated Discs

Few conditions can be harder to live with than a sore back, and herniated discs are often to blame. A disc not working as it should can be enough to trap you on the couch, which is why recommend seeking chiropractic care at the first sign that something might have slipped out of place.

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disk is the name given to a number of problems that can affect the rubbery cushions between the vertebrae of your spine. These discs are similar in structure to a jelly donut, and the soft “jelly” part can be susceptible to tears. When it becomes damaged, the nerves it protects can become irritated or even damaged, which can lead to weakness, numbness and pain throughout your back, though some people don’t experience any symptoms.

Herniated disks are most common in your lower back and neck, and some of their most common symptoms include the following:

  • Inexplicable shooting pain in your arms or legs
  • Numbness or tingling in parts of your body
  • General weakness that makes daily tasks more challenging.

It’s difficult for many people to pinpoint the cause of their herniated discs. Most often disk herniation is the result of general aging, but the damage can also come from minor strain or injury.

Understanding Spinal Decompression for Herniated Discs

Living with herniated discs can be miserable, which is why we offer spinal decompression therapy for herniated discs at Homer Chiropractic. This treatment involves stretching the spine, usually with a traction table, to help the disc get back in alignment and ease your pain.

Chiropractors have practiced spinal decompression therapy for years, and it is a proven way to provide long-term pain relief and create the best healing environment for herniated discs by allowing nutrients to better flow through the vertebrae.

During a session, we will place a harness on your hips and gently rotate your back to provide traction and relief to your spinal cord. Most patients benefit most from 15 to 30 treatments over a four to six-week period.

Let Homer Chiropractic Treat your Herniated Discs

Let us bring your back to better health. Homer Family Chiropractor is a leading spinal decompression provider in Homer, GA, and we know what it takes to repair the damage of herniated discs. Please contact us today at (706) 677-1010 to start the conversation.

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