At Homer Family Chiropractor, we are pleased to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy with optional infrared light therapy during treatment. The combination of these two powerful treatments, sometimes referred to as Targeted Hyperbarics, means you can now experience all the benefits of both in just one appointment!

HBOT itself is a combination of treatments too. It involves a pressurized atmosphere and concentrated oxygen. This particular combination allows the body to absorb oxygen and its healing effects throughout the body more readily. By adding the option for infrared light treatment, you will benefit from more significant localized impact as well as deeper penetration of healing.

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• Autoimmune Diseases
• Reduces Inflammation
• Cancer
• Cerebral Palsy
• TBI (Traumatic Brain injury)
• Autism
• Anti-aging
• Stroke
• Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
• Decompression Sickness
• Severe Anemia
• Enhances memory & mental performance Lyme Disease
• Alzheimer’s Disease

Skin, Joint & Hyperbaric

• Decrease risk of infection
• Reduce stress & anxiety
• Support immune system
• Accelerates healing
• Ameliorates Osteoarthritis & Rheumatiod Arthritis


• Reduces Excessive Skin Damage (UV-A Radiation)
• Maintain Skin Elasticity
• Reduce Scar Formation

Autism & Hyperbaric

The Oxygen Hyperbaric Chamber is non-invasive and requires only ‘I hour each day. This treatment has proven to decrease inflammation and improve cognitive functions.

• Stimulates Stem Cell Proliferation & Mobilization
• Reduces Seizure Frequency
• Promotes Receptive/Expressive Language
• Improves Balance & Walking
• Improves Gross/Fine Motor Skills
• Reduces Aggression